In spite of a childhood void of love, support and honesty, Esther entered upon a forty-three-year journey to find the truth about herself and her adoption. Raised by a mother who lied and abused her due to her own past, and a father who lied by omission because of the fear of losing her, Esther always somehow knew who she truly was.

After decades of visions, messages, predictions and searching, and in spite of endless disappointments and brick walls, when a dear friend mentioned to her a new type of DNA test, she skeptically ordered it. With distrust and disbelief, and a tiny threat of hope, Esther sent off her test, ultimately opening up a whole new world of answers, identity, connection, history and family of all sorts that she was never supposed to know.

This is a true story of one adoptees triumph over the impossible – full of magic, surprises, healing and hope.

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